About The Ital Place of Reasoning

We are entering our 3rd full year of operating the Ital Place of Reasoning Limited. The Ital Place of Reasoning is a School/Counselling/Advocate for Illiterate Adults in the rural area around Negril Jamaica.

Functional literacy is a major problem once you leave the Government offices, Banks and Universities of Jamaica. There is no free schooling in Jamaica even at the entry level for children. At the same time a heavy value is put on having a degree of some kind in formal Education. This seemingly contradictory environment is the natural dichotomy that keeps Jamaica in its low world standings.

The Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL), the government agency that has been tasked with improving adult and youth learning and lifelong learning from basic literacy to the secondary level.

“That will be our target, but right now, we want to surpass that because there are so many persons out there that need our services,” noted executive director Worrel Hibbert in reference to the organisation’s 2017-2018 target.

Hibbert said “that for those unable to read and write, looking at simple sentences is akin to a literate Jamaican being asked to read Chinese for example without having extensive lessons”.

This is where the Ital Place of Reasoning comes in.

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