Negril Clean-up

The Ital Place of Reasoning is a member of the Negril Chamber of Commerce where last year it collaborated with the Chamber to do a massive clean up of the main village of Negril. 700 bags of garbage were collected in one day by 52 workers (class members) who were paid 160,000 Jamaican dollars and meals provided 30,000 Jamaican dollars for the workers, both Men and Women. 20 garbage barrels were made/painted by local Men and placed in the area to keep it clean. 50,000 Jamaican dollars were paid for that work. Garbage bags, shovels, rakes, labour, water, food, truck rentals etc cost just over 3000 US Dollars. The day ended with a Fish Fry celebration in the local ghetto/fishing village to celebrate the immediate prosperity. I can’t tell you rewarding it was to see so many happy faces beaming with pride for a job well done.

This was a mammoth project that the community had been complaining about for years. It showed that the least desirable people of the community were able to do what no other group or government agency had done. Given the least amount of encouragement there is a will and capacity for change and pride among those who function outside of a literate world.